lunedì, aprile 25, 2005

Come distruggere la terra

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Sucked into a microscopic black hole
You will need: a microscopic black hole. Note that black holes are not eternal, they evaporate due to Hawking radiation. For your average black hole this takes an unimaginable amount of time, but for really small ones it could happen almost instantaneously, as evaporation time is dependent on mass. Therefore you microscopic black hole must have greater than a certain threshold mass, roughly equal to the mass of Mount Everest.

Blown up by matter/antimatter reaction
You will need: twelve kilograms of antimatter, magnetic confinement chambers, a very deep hole in the ground.

Eaten by von Neumann machines
You will need: a single von Neumann machine

Se avete visto o letto 2010 l'anno del contatto saprete certamente come funzionano le repliche di Von Neumann

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