mercoledì, novembre 30, 2005


Il vero uomo™ si sta estinguendo? MAXIM™ ha presentato
esposto all'endangered species bureau. (orhowtheminchiasichiama)

Alcuni estratti:


Man kills and eats animals. He marches them into meat packing plants, submerges them in zesty marinade, cooks them over an open flame, and serves them on paper plates. Stainless steel cutlery allows Man to hold delicious animal chunks in place, while he goes to work on them with sharp, blade-like incisors specially adapted for shearing meat. At one time or another, Man has eaten every animal on earth. In fact, Man’s curiosity about the taste of animals has even led him to eat ones that were already extinct! In 1900, Man scientists who found a 40,000- year-old wooly mammoth frozen in Beresovka, Siberia celebrated the discovery with a hearty banquet of mammoth steak.


4 commenti:

  1. il blockquote e' sempre peggio...

  2. sta crescendo e non so perche', spero non scoppi.

    (btw, lasciarlo a se' stesso questo povero tag? asd)

  3. Ma esiste la simpatica proprietà, background-image:none, usatevela

  4. non tanto il background, quanto la dimensione del testo: prima mini, poi gigante... ora va piu' o meno bene, non toccarlo :)


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