mercoledì, maggio 04, 2005

Namdai o Banco? No Namco Bandai Holdings Inc

Bandai, Namco to merge - News at GameSpot
Avevo letto qualcosa ieri ma aspettavo conferme. Ebbene si a settembre Namco e Bandai si uniranno in una join venture.

Curioso il fatto che entrambe recentemente abbiano cercato di unirsi a SEGA.

Bandai is Japan's leading and most profitable toy maker, best known for its Tamagotchi virtual pet. Bandai is also known for its anime characters, including the classic Gundam mech series (which the company markets toward older consumers). Bandai also has a game division, but that group is dwarfed by its toy operations.

It is common knowledge that both Bandai and Namco have contemplated a merger with Sega, but now, the new force will become Sega's biggest competitor. In 1997 Bandai and Sega announced their intention to merge into a single company, Sega Bandai, but Bandai broke off t
he negotiations when its Tamagotchi toy became a huge hit in both Japan and across the globe.

E in futuro via di Tekken VS DragonBall VS Saint Seiya VS Doronbo VS Soul Calibur VS Polimar...

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