domenica, febbraio 20, 2005

!337$p34k dalla Microsoft

A parent's primer to computer slang

"warez" or "w4r3z": Illegally copied software available for download.

"h4x": Read as "hacks," or what a computer hacker does.

"pron": An anagram of "porn," possibly indicating the use of pornography.

"sploitz" (short for exploits): Vulnerabilities in computer software used by hackers.

"pwn": A typo-deliberate version of own, a slang term that means to dominate. This could also be spelled "0\/\/n3d" or "pwn3d," among other variations. Online video game bullies or "griefers" often use this term.

Grazie Microsoft

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  1. "ph": often replaces "f," as in "phear" for "fear" (as in "ph34r my l33t skillz") and vice versa, such as spelling "phonetic" as "f0|\|371(."

    Dai, leggono megatokio, cazzo.


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