venerdì, aprile 22, 2005


Prima di robot wars et similia in questi laboratori progettavano "la fiera della carne" di Spielberghiana memoria

LA ♥ SRL e Boingboing

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  1. I had a hard time gathering sound, because my poor little minidisc recorder kept triggering a built-in limiter any time an Extremely Loud Thing happened (which was, oh, every 0.5 seconds). It worked out in the end, as you'll hear in the NPR piece. But for all you future SRL podcasters -- or anyone trying to record a war, because they sound the same -- take a good look at your device in advance, RTFM, use the right kind of mic, and make sure you have manual control over any limiter function so your explosions aren't muffled.

    No, me lo segno qui perche' ho in progetto di registrare un paio di guerre.


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