giovedì, dicembre 25, 2008

Bocce di Natale

Buone Feste!

Le ragazze della Fleggaard. Questa società danese vende televisori e materiale elettronico. Il bello è che negli spot compaiono quasi sempre ragazze mezze nude. W la Danimarca!

Il calendario Simoni Racing 2009

YouPorn in vendita?

YouPorn—the site Stephen Paul Jones tried to sell to Vivid in May—is a strange and mysterious business. There are no links to founders’ biographies, no contact information, no hint of who is behind this booming Web entity. Its domain is registered using a service designed to mask the registrant’s identity.

Vivid’s Hirsch says that while he envies YouPorn’s traffic, he has no plans to buy the site, mainly because of the legal exposure associated with hosting user-generated pornography. But he also says that he can’t figure out how to make money through YouPorn and that it would be inconsistent with his strategy of focusing on high-end feature films. A.E.B.N. was also approached by Jones, says an executive there, and passed on YouPorn too.

Jennifer Connelly prima e dopo

Festa dentro una fontana (russa?)

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