sabato, gennaio 31, 2009

Tette proibite sull'iPhone!

La Apple ha proibito due applicazioni per iPhone (sorry Capitan Chaos) iBoobs e Wobble.

The ban on “sexy” words isn’t particularly surprising given how new the App Store is. Apple is still experimenting with new policies - for months it didn’t allow any ‘burp’ or ‘fart’ apps, which have grown to become disturbingly popular, and it only recently began allowing for developers to build their own web browsers.

But the store has a rating system for a reason, and the arbitrary restrictions are tough on developers, who are left wondering what they’re allowed to write about and what they can show.

Araceli Gonzalez modella a 41 anni


X-Blades: versione PS3 e versione X360 notate differenze?

ah c'è pure la versione limitata versione limitata (limitata nei vestiti)

Totally nerdcore, ovvero calendari per veri nerd

Magliette simpatiche ed una fan di Ubuntu

Perchè negli USA le bionde sono ritenute tutte sceme? Forse perchè non riescono neanche a suicidarsi...
Jeanette Sliwinski (quella nella foto, ndA)killed three other people while trying to kill herself - and escaped with just a broken ankle

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